Cross town traffic

Renowned within the street art world for his ubiquitous flower iconography, Michael De Feo’s playful aesthetic is warmly welcomed, embedding a certain sense of joy and cheer into the concrete landscape of the city streets. For the past 25 years, De Feo has decorated the public landscape with his buoyant floral patterns, gleefully observed within 60 international cities, tucked behind the layered architectural silhouettes, sprouting from the base of telephone poles and in more recent projects, showcased through the transforming of bus stop fashion ads, blurring the boundaries of sponsored partnerships and illegal interventions.

In 2014, Jordan Seiler, the artist and public space activist, founded ‘Public Ad Space,’ an international alliance of artists, which provided him a key to open the advertising kiosks at bus stops throughout New York, thus access for public dialogues via the transformation through the implementation of iconic aesthetics. This was yet another opportunity for De Feo to inject his bold strokes and vibrant colour palettes within the city, as he removed the locked-away fashion advertisements, detailed them with abstract prints of daisy-like petals and ethereal stems, then returning them to different kiosks, participating in what he calls an “unauthorised collaboration” and a “quiet intervention” between himself, the company, art director, model and photographer.








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