Awkward and scary vines by COOL3DWORLD

Fat men puking up other fat men to lose weight, contorted bodies falling through the abyss and landing on a single finger, a man running through a tube connected to the belly buttons of two giants. Appearing on Vine last year, the unconventional, often nightmarish scenes from the Cool 3D World have gone viral and are now available on YouTube and Instagram amassing a huge following. It is the brainchild of Brian Tessler and Jon Baken, two web artists with a musical background who are changing the landscape of 3D animation and art.

Each short scene leaves you with a profound sense of confusion, with each new addition leaving you more unsettled than the last. Why do these characters look so grotesque? Why do they scream with such blood-curdling passion at nothing? What does any of it actually mean?

By pairing 3D animation with haunting sounds, the alternative universe began as an outlet for their “imagination and sense of humour”. “We started working together in the summer of 2015, exchanging musical and visual ideas,” Baken explains. “Cool 3D encompasses both of our styles from the past but also has been the platform for new experiments and ideas. We’ve had a lot of fun developing our craft.” -Jon Baken







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